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The Tiki Island Radio Network
Welcome to the island...
We're serving up paradise one song at a time.
Take a break from the daily grind with a little bit of island time....
Hawaiian Reggae (Jawaiian), Reggae, Trop Rock, Calypso, and Island Vibes.

Broadcasting live shows daily

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One Love... One Island For World Peace

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Tiki Island Radio Mission Statement: 

For five solid years we've been encouraging people around the globe to lend a hand to lift a heart. It's the pebble dropped in the pond of karma that creates a tsunami wave of good karma around the globe. Just a micro second of your time is all it takes. Can you imagine a jillion micro seconds of kindness going out in the world? It would be a better place if only for a minute.... Tune into the little radio station with a BIG HEART.

We encourage everyone to share the the Spirit of Aloha Love, and keep it near and dear in your heart. Go out there in the world and lend a hand and lift a heart.....because we all know that good island style food and music transcend all political, cultural, language, racial, and religious barriers.....and there are no borders on this island. Just fun. Johnny B. is just the guy leading the party charge with the tiki torch....but this is YOUR personal paradise. Just make someone feel good. Open a door, offer up a compliment, tell a joke. Just make someone feel good. That is the pebble dropped in the pond of good karma that creates a tsunami wave of good karma around the globe. We all beat as one to the bass drum here at The Tiki Island Radio Bar & Grille....you may find yourself in a room with twenty people....and none of you speak the same language.....but turn on some good island style music.....cook up some good island style food....and the next thing you know....toes start tapping....feet start tapping.....and you just made twenty new friends!! Good times with friends, where the fun never ends at Tiki Island Radio.com
Click here to listen live.
Captain Wiley Sharp

LIVE BROADCAST & Streaming Music 24/7.....more shows on the way!

“The Tiki Island Radio Tiki Bar & Grill” show has captured the hearts of thousands around the world in approximately 40 - 45 countries. The show amassed more than 65,ooo listener sessions in it's first few months on the air..... three years later, we're rockin the globe "Island Style."

The show itself is an off the cuff, edge of your seat blend of televisions classic “Cheers” at a tiki bar, somewhere south of Gilligans Island, with hints reminiscent of “Gracie and Allen” deep in the South Pacific with plenty of laughs and listener interaction with followers on Facebook.

The music is a blend of Jawaiian, Trop Rock, Reggae, Calypso, with some classic 70’s and vintage Don ho, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and some Cajun dance for a little spice.

Review.... I Think that your description of Cheers if it were a virtual tiki bar set on Gilligans Island is spot on! I also would describe your show as a virtual trip to the tropics with an ever-evolving revolving cast of characters, passengers, and crew with always uplifting tales of the road, seas, and adventure mixed with some of the hottest most sheerly enjoyable music around! It is the radio station with the sound and spirit of a Tropical Revolution: A return to paradise, one margarita, pina colada, or rum runner at a time! A sonic tropical cocktail for the ears, heart and soul.”... The Tiki Town Castaways. 

The shows demographics range from age 35 – 65, with a few slightly under and over. Some of the listeners have humorously said “they have not sat around and listened to a radio show like this since the days of Victrola!

Review...John Buskell with his Tiki Island Radio strikes us as a true original and a maverick - blazing a new path and direction across the saltwater trails of tropical and island style music programming. He has got a very engaging DJ style and radio presence. His ever ongoing fictional and non-fictional yarns, tales and radio theater sagas are entertaining and harken back to the golden era of radio when DJs actually played what they liked and had a passion for and talked about the music. Granted there are still stations like that here and there but they are a rare and endangered breed......The Hawaiian.

Follow the adventure way far south of somewhere north.
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Current Station Locations
Wiley Sharp
Yacht Broker
Way Far South of Somewhere North...

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Featured Artist
Featured Artist
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Bahama Brad
Debbie "Sunshine" Reneer
Meet the bartending broadcasters at
The Tiki Island Radio Tiki Bar & Grill.
Follow The Adventure Way Far South of Somewhere North.....
Brethern broadcasters from around the world are coming together to share the Aloha
on the all new Tiki Island Radio Network.
Broadcasting Live Shows Daily

Join us way far south of somewhere north.... Johnny B.
Panama City Beach, FL
Live Broadcast
Tiki Island Radio
Tropic Jams For Your Traffic Jams with Johnny B. Mon - Friday 7 AM EST 
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