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The Tiki Island Radio Network

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Aloha & Mahalo Nui Loa For Your Time.
Johnny B. & Lady Kim

Tiki Island Radio

The Tiki Island Radio Network would like to showcase your tiki bar or resort to the world with our interactive radio shows “From Way Far South of Somewhere North.” 

“The Original Tiki Island Radio Tiki Bar & Grill” with your host, Johnny B. & Lady Kim, have captured the hearts of thousands in the United States and approximately 35 - 40 countries. Their show amassed more than 65,ooo listener sessions in it's first few months on the air and Johnny B. & Kim are managing partners in 9 radio stations around the globe. All serving up an electictic set of tropical music to approximately 30K listeners and growing.

The original show itself is an off the cuff, edge of your seat blend of televisions classic “Cheers” at a tiki bar, somewhere south of Gilligans Island, with hints reminiscent of “Gracie and Allen” deep in the South Pacific with plenty of laughs and listener interaction with followers on Facebook.

The music is a blend of Jawaiian, Trop Rock, Reggae, Calypso, with some classic 7o’s, vintage Don ho, Frank Sinatra, Dean martin, and country cross over. Country has done gone to da beach here on the island.

Artist Renn Loren Review....I think that your description of Cheers if it were a virtual tiki bar set on Gilligans Island is spot on! I also would describe your show as a virtual trip to the tropics with an ever-evolving revolving cast of characters, passengers, and crew with always uplifting tales of the road, seas, and adventure mixed with some of the hottest most sheerly enjoyable music around! It is the radio station with the sound and spirit of a Tropical Revolution: A return to paradise, one margarita, pina colada, or rum runner at a time! A sonic tropical cocktail for the ears, heart and soul.”

The shows demographics range from age 35 – 65, with a few slightly under and over. Some of the listeners have humorously said “they have not sat around and listened to a radio show like this since the days of Victrola!

Johnny B. & Lady Kim know how to work a room (virtually speaking), and bring a crowd into the show with various of the cuff skits that just seem to come to life on the island instantly. With a mustard seed of opportunity, they can weave a guest into a short skit almost instantly. 

Review From: Island Jay.com Blog...

….. chill out, relax, and lets just all be friends while on an island, beach, or anywhere that gives you that Not a Worry in the World feeling. DJ John of Tiki Island Radio, who often states that “Island music transcends all cultures…”, reinforces the belief that Trop Rock music and its lifestyle will bring together people from all races and cultures..... .Tiki Island Radio is owned and operated by DJ John Buskell & DJ Kim Denny. Launched just under a year ago, Tiki Island Radio has amassed a large following of Trop Rock enthusiasts which include a reach into 35 - 40 countries. Every weekday morning and afternoon they offer up their unscripted show Tropic Jams for your Traffic Jams which are the unique blends of DJ John’s showmanship. DJ John does nothing but spew enthusiasm. When I ask him if he eats rainbows for breakfast…..he just laughed.

Review From: The Hawaiian...

John Buskell with his Tiki Island Radio strikes us as a true original and a maverick - blazing a new path and direction across the saltwater trails of tropical and island style music programming. He has got a very engaging DJ style and radio presence. His ever ongoing fictional and non-fictional yarns, tales and radio theater sagas are entertaining and harken back to the golden era of radio when DJs actually played what they liked and had a passion for and talked about the music. Granted there are still stations like that here and there but they are a rare and endangered breed.

Now.....  Johnny B. and Lady Kim would like to make themselves available to connect with your guest on a friendly, professional, courteous level, and provide a lasting souvenir from your resort or tiki bar, but it doesn’t end there......

Top Of Mind Awareness For Your Resort....Your guest will always be able to return to the fun at your resort via the web during our regularly scheduled live radio broadcast from your location. Your guest will always be able to interact with Johnny B., Lady Kim, and all our broadcasters through the use of Facebook and our socila media sites....in a sense, their vacation never has to end. 

We provide marketing support for your resort and sales staff!!

1.We broadcast your daily events, activities and schedules to guest, as well as to the local community and out around the world via     our phone apps, resort P.A. system, etc....

2.We broadcast your daily food and drink specials, breakfast specials and happy hour specials.

3.We broadcast your vacation specials, golf specials, timeshares, etc...

4.We can insert broadcast advertisements in the 24/7 automation.

5.We can insert video commercials in our music player, as well as our websites.

6.We can insert banner ads in our music player as well as our websites.

7.We have the ability to broadcast bands playing at your resort, as well as the ability to bring you the finest in Island Style Music entertainment through the Tiki Island Entertainment Network. 

With the Tiki Island Radio Network you get DJ’s, a radio station network, entertainers, interaction with your guest long after they have left your establishment. We provide marketing support for your resort and resort sales staff. The Tiki Island Radio Network provides a top of mind awareness marketing solution for vacation planning, and resort real estate sales.

If you would like to customize a broadcast marketing solution exclusively for your resort or tiki bar with Johnny B. & Lady Kim
please contact:

Johnny B. & Lady Kim 

Commercial references available upon request.
Some Things To Consider....
Radio Margaritaville in the Orlando Café has already proven “hands down” it’s a winning marketing strategy.....and the Margaritaville marketing professionals are second to none when it comes to marketing for the tropical lifestyle enthusiast.
How much would it cost you to buy a small 30 second ad with your local FM radio station, as compared to having an in-house radio station advertising for you 24/7??
It would cost you a small fortune to broadcast your daily appetizers, and happy hour specials 24/7 with local FM radio......With Tiki Island Radio, your guest, as well as the local community, and the world will hear it broadcasted live while sitting at the bar, or at the beach while listening on their phones, and on the far side of the world. 
A regular DJ is NOT a radio station, and is only 3-4 hours of entertainment....and does little to promote you......The Tiki Island Radio Network provides you an audience of vacationers and a suite of marketing technology. We are changing the landscape of your location from a single point of entry tiki bar or resort destination in to a worldwide community via the web, and a home away from home for our vacationing Tiki Islanders.

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Explore the possibilities of an in house radio station filling your rooms or tables with guest bookings 24/7 for the daily price of a local DJ.....and you would have 9 radio stations around the U.S and Australia with 30K listeners driving traffic to your tiki bar or resort.
........."would you rather just hire a DJ who plays music for a few hours a day ......or an in house radio station with an onsite broadcaster for approximately the same price, that can fill your rooms, or barstools through our strategic alliance with partners in travel, and bring top of mind awarness to prospective guest and vacation planners (past, present, and future) through our online and mobile listening community.
We would like to anchor The Tiki Island Radio Network at your tiki bar or resort.
And....you get a 24/7 station network sales staff promoting your resort or tiki bar and up coming events with broadcast ad inserts, mobile web ad inserts, as well as promoting your venue during our live shows.
Click here to join us on Facebook.
We make inhouse broadcasting fun!!.....We invite your guest to join us on the air in the studio, or at the pool, the tiki bar, or at a limbo party on the the beach. We make it a memorable experience to share with others back home, and bring top of mind awareness to your establishment.
What you get with your inhouse radio station....

  • 24/7 Island Style Music throughout your resort with promotional ads heard within your resort, as well as around the world.
  • Our mobile app so your guest can listen with earbuds at the pool, beach, or while strolling around town.
  • A strategic alliance with our licensed travel partners who custom tailor tour packages for your resort and are promoted by Tiki Island Radio, to fill your rooms or barstools.
  • Broadcast ad inserts during during our 24/7 stream. 
  • Live advertising during all our shows.
  • Sales support for the sales staff promoting upcoming events as well as your ammenities for hosting events, golf packages, contest, weddings, etc.
  • Exclusive resort advertising in our desktop player, including your video commercials.
  • Exclusive resort advertising on our website which averages 15,000 page views per month.
  • We bring our age demographics of 35-65 years of age from the eastern U.S. and Canada as well as from approximately 35-40 countries per month.
  • We bring an arsenal of marketing technology and a full suite of marketing tools with our radio streaming host.
  • A custom tailored mobile app specifically designed for your resort with RSS feed that updates and promotes all your daily specials in conjunction with the Tiki Island Radio Resort Broadcast.
  • A lifetime of "top of mind awareness" for your guest.
  • Special guest interviews with artist, entertainers, authors, book signings at your resort, etc.

A vacation at your resort or tiki bar never has to end with Tiki Island Radio.
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Share The Spirit of Aloha Love.
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PLUS....We can broadcast your local artist to the world while they are performing at your venue.
On Tour With Tiki Island Radio
With the Tiki Island Radio Network you get 9 radio radio stations around the U.S. and Australia hosting live broadcast and driving traffic to your tiki bar or resort 24/7. The base station will be anchored at your location with the stations founder/ broadcaster extraordinaire, Johnny B. Interaction with your guest will continue long after they have left your establishment via our Facebook & social media community. The Tiki Island Radio Network provides a top of mind awareness marketing solution for vacation planning.

VISIT our homepage for station locations, schedules and broadcasters. Click here.
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