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Serving Up Paradise One Song At A Time
All the cool stuff!!
Aloha & Mahalo Nui Loa For Your Time.
DJ John & Lady Kim
 Press Kit
Stage Set Up
Gary Primeaux & DJ John
Gary is President of The Pelican Coast Parrot Head Club in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and an outstanding host!!
DJ John arrives for stage set up and sound checks at 9am for the 5pm show at Contraband Days.....and a very long night of fun. Louisianna.
DJ Skip  &  DJ John....coming to you live from way far south of somewhere north.
              The Bucanneers...
    Of Lake Charles, Louisiana
Lake Charles, Louisiana Civic Center.
DJ John gettin down in a pirate town, Civic Center.
       DJ John & Technical Engineer Nick Kitzmiller.
      DJ Skip & Lady Kim, Dorothy LeBlanc in background.
Being held hostage by a pirate....Lake Charles, Louisiana Civic Center.
Broadcasting Live from Coolers Ice House, Lake Charles Louisiana.
Chillaxin & Relaxin backstage on the aftdeck aboard the $6 million dollar yacht Lady of The Lake, with Renn Loren & The Tiki Town Castaways. Loggerheads, Lake Charles, Louisiana.
New pics added daily. Be sure to check back!
This photo gallery created by: Melinda Kitzmiller at Tiki Island Entertainment.
With Tiki Island Radio
On Tour With Tiki Island Radio
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DJ John from Tiki Island Radio is now available for live DJ performances for your next private party or corporate event.

John has hosted more than 550 live broadcast performances of Tiki Island Radio's "Tropic Jams For Your Traffic Jams", from way far south of somewhere north, every Monday through Friday 7am - 10 am EST and again at 4pm - 7pm EST daily. His shows are tuned in by approximately 40 countries around the globe. In between shows, his selection of some of the worlds greatest island style music streams 24/7.

Johns all star line up of tropical music include....Hawaiian Reggae (Jawaiian), Reggae, Trop Rock, Calypso, Island Vibes, a sprinkle of classic rock, with a dash of Louisiana style party music for some extra spice.....

Review From: International Recording and Touring artist Renn Loren.....

“I think that your description of Cheers if it were a virtual tiki bar set on Gilligans Island is spot on! I also would describe your show as a virtual trip to the tropics with an ever-evolving revolving cast of characters, passengers, and crew with always uplifting tales of the road, seas, and adventure mixed with some of the hottest most sheerly enjoyable music around! It is the radio station with the sound and spirit of a Tropical Revolution: A return to paradise, one margarita, pina colada, or rum runner at a time! A sonic tropical cocktail for the ears, heart and soul.”

The shows demographics range from age 35 – 65, with a few slightly under and over. Some of the listeners have humorously said “they have not sat around and listened to a radio show like this since the days of Victrola!

DJ John & Lady Kim know how to work a room, and bring a crowd into the show with various of the cuff skits that just seem to come to life on the island instantly. With a mustard seed of opportunity, they can weave a guest into a short skit almost instantly. 

DJ John can broadcast your event or party LIVE to the world if you would like. He has the showmanship skills and performance ability to make your next party a truly unique and engaging experience for friends, family and business associates.


    DJ John 443-789-4708


Tiki Island Radio
DJ John & Lady Kim
The Florida Tiki Bar Tour
DJ John at Whiskey Joes, Tampa, Florida.
DJ John & Rod Thomas, owner of Bentley's Boutique Hotel and Osprey Tiki Bar, in Osprey, FL
DJ John & Ned Daniels, author of "Save Your Fork, There's Pie" At Deans, South of The Border, Punta Gorda, Florida
                DJ John chillaxin backstage.
   My ride.... 
            AIRTIKI Puddle Jumper 1
Hulk Hogans, "Hogans Beach" Tampa, FL lightening storm.
DJ John on The Tiki Bar Tour, Whiskey Joe's Tampa, Florida. 

Backstage Interview with Dani Hoy & Chris Sacks.

Show Introduction and Promotional Content.
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              Crusie Ship Audio Demo Reel.
            Crusie Ship Audio Demo Reel With DJ John.
Approximately 20 Minutes.
                          DJ John