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The Tiki Island Radio Network

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Serving Up Paradise One Song At A Time
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The sky is the limit when you advertise with Tiki Island Radio.
We have the latest state of the art broadcasting technology to get your ad campaign airborne worldwide, and your brand awareness soaring to new heights....Welcome to the island.                                                    
Contact us today at: TikiIslandRadio@Gmail.Com                            
Ladies and gentlemen....
                   It looks like it's going to be another picture perfect day for advertising in paradise!
AIRTIKI  Airways

Free local, national, and international advertising.....when you book events through our network. See details below.

Tiki Island Radio uses state of the art technology to custom tailor ad campaigns for our clients. We have the ability to activate ads on a local,  state wide, national, or international level.

Your broadcast insert ads, banner ads, video commercials, or audio pre roll ads in our music player will only be seen or heard in the areas you choose.

For Example:

If you have a local plumbing business, and you only want your ads heard or seen in your local surrounding zip code area....we can accommodate you.

If you only do business in a few states, and want your ads heard or seen in those states....we can accommodate you.

If you do business in all 50 states....we can accommodate you.

If you do business worldwide, and would like your ads heard or seen in 244 countries....we can accommodate you.

When you book artist or entertainers through our network, you will get the following for FREE:

1.Venues, resorts, bars, tiki bars, etc... will receive free, live “on air” broadcast advertisements regarding the scheduled engagement for two months prior to the engagement. This advertising occurs during the prime time 3hr morning show 7am – 10am EST “Tropic Jams For Your Traffic Jams”, and again on the 3hr evening show 4pm – 7pm EST.

2.Free banner ads on our player for the scheduled engagement for two months prior to the engagement.

3.Free video commercial (any professionally produced commercial you have) on our player for two months prior to the engagement, (You must have your own commercial produced, or contact Tiki Island Entertainment for a production crew and estimated cost for production).

4.Inclusion in Tiki Island Publishing’s 4th book “Cooking For The Stars On The Tiki Bar Tour”. Your restaurant, bar, tiki bar, etc...will be showcased with your restaurants bio, or ad copy, picture of your restaurant, food and drink recipes, as well as mention our artist that have played in your establishment. All of our books are available on Amazon, as well as other retailers around the world. This book will be made available to you at wholesale pricing, so you can re-sell for profit at your establishment. 

5.Visit: www.TheBackYardTikiBar.com to see our three previous books.

At Tiki Island Radio we believe in the three R’s of marketing.... “relationship, retention and referral”, as well as implementing unique marketing campaigns through radio, and publishing that benefit all our business partners.

We welcome the opportunity to create a relationship with you.