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Serving Up Paradise One Song At A Time
All the cool stuff!!
Aloha & Mahalo Nui Loa For Your Time.
DJ John & Lady Kim
 Photo Gallery
Stage Set Up
Gary Primeaux & DJ John
Gary is President of The Pelican Coast Parrot Head Club in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and an outstanding host!!
DJ John arrives for stage set up and sound checks at 9am for the 5pm show at Contraband Days.....and a very long night of fun.
DJ Skip  &  DJ John....coming to you live from way far south of somewhere north.
              The Bucanneers...
    Of Lake Charles, Louisiana
Lake Charles, Louisiana Civic Center.
DJ John gettin down in a pirate town, Civic Center.
       DJ John & Technical Engineer Nick Kitzmiller.
      DJ Skip & Lady Kim, Dorothy LeBlanc in background.
Being held hostage by a pirate....Lake Charles, Louisiana Civic Center.
Broadcasting Live from Coolers Ice House, Lake Charles Louisiana.
Chillaxin & Relaxin backstage on the aftdeck aboard the $6 million dollar yacht Lady of The Lake, with Renn Loren & The Tiki Town Castaways. Loggerheads, Lake Charles, Louisiana.
This photo gallery created by: Melinda Kitzmiller at Tiki Island Entertainment.
With Tiki Island Radio
On Tour With Tiki Island Radio
Stranded in Paradise....
Life on The Forgotten Coast...
Hit Me Up With Some Love Universe!...
The Outdoor Conference Room....