Johnny B. 
Social Media Manager /  Voice Talent  / Audio - Video Producer / On Air Talent   

7 Years Full Time With AIRTIKI / TIKI ISLAND RADIO - The Touring Radio Station

Seven years ago he hit the airwaves with Tiki Island Radio and took the world by storm......literally in 42 countries. His name is Johnny B.

He came from way far south of somewhere north, armed with The Spirit of Aloha, phenominal programming skills, sheer on air talent and true grit determination to make the world a better place to live. Johnny captured the hearts of thousands of listeners in the U.S. and around the globe while spinning an eclectic blend of beach music and interjecting his message of "lending a hand to lift a heart through The Spirit of Aloha" with a heavy emphasis on social media community engagement.

After 10K hours on the air, extensive road tours (with public and corporate funding) hosting shows for Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville Parrothead Fan Clubs as well as other fundraising events throughout the southeastern U.S., Johnny now has his eye on the horizon for  opportunity.

Johnny B. is no stranger to the world of entertainment. Growing up in the household of the late Blaze Starr (Johnny's Aunt, The Queen of Burlesque) as featured in the movie Blaze, starring Paul Newman, Johnny was introduced to celebrities at an early age. From Barbara Walters and Maria Shriver to the cast and crew of the movie Blaze. He's quite as ease during interviews with mega platinum artist like Shaggy & Ravon as well as the members of Jimmy Buffet's Coral Reefer Band, including Grammy Nominated Artist Nadirah Shakoor. Johnny's on air antics with his "Weekend Watch Advisory" (work pressure dropping, beer pressure rising) drew the attention of Jim Cantore at The Weather Channel. Jim would call in and The Weather Channel would tune in. Johnny's professional broadcasting peers have have called him "the master of theater of the mind..... He can take you to a virtual Cheers on Gilligans Island."

While his heart is at the beach, his roots are deep in the appalachian mountains of West Virgina. Johnny cut his teeth on country music while growing up listening to recordings of his second cousin, the legendary bluegrass gospel singer Molly O'Day, considered by many to be the greatest female country singer of her time. Johnny can take country to the beach at the drop of a hat. If he can spin it, he''ll weave a story to fit it.

As a jack of all trades around a radio station with a will to survive in the social media & entertainment industry, Johnny has sucessfully implemented and executed promotional campaigns for Bahama Rum Fest, Cockspur Rum, Panama Red Rum, Papa Pillars Rum, Pirates Grog Rum, Bentleys Boutique Hotels, Dennison Yacht Sales, One Love Cat Caribbean Charters, Zero to Cruising Charters, travel agencies and numerous small businesses. 

Johnny's off the cuff and unscripted style of radio combined with his his message to the world of "lending a hand to lift a heart with The Spirit of Aloha" as a messenger on the wind and Goodwill Ambassador for the people of the Pacific catapulted him to celebrity status with listeners on the U.S East Coast and around the globe. He tells his audience "if you want polished radio with news, sports and weather you know where to find it, you won't find it here. We're pumping this signal through coconut fiber wire from a tiki bar on a beach. If you want to hang out, have fun, feel good, this is the place to be."........and his listeners loved him.

Johnny's incredible ability to adapt to character roles allows him to be any character you need him to be on the air, at a live venue or in social media campaigns. From the old hippie broadcaster in the South Pacific at a tiki bar, to Larry King serious in the studio or your next social media manager, Johnny can do it and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss ways in which his capabilities could be directed to support your needs on air, in the studio or continued expansion in the social media space.

Contact Johnny at:    Phone: 443-789-4708   
Books By: Johnny B.
On Air Capabilities:

I have a strong understanding of music streaming, downloading, profit & loss, analytics and a proven track record of executing ideas with limited resources.

A demonstrated functional working knowledge of customer relationship management, email marketing, inbound marketing, social media and paid advertising.

Proven experience developing and distributing original content through audio and/or video, or repurposing existing content for promotional or monetization purposes.

Proven experience successfully managing multiple projects concurrently while providing direction to and overseeing the activities of several of our broadcast station partners.

Proven experience marketing to and a demonstrated understanding of a world wide audience.

Skilled in the operation of variety of software programs and productivity tools.

I've created, produced and announced topics on the radio, including music, entertainment, news, weather, sports, and other topics of interest. 

Established relationships with world wide listeners by providing entertainment and/or information of interest consistent with the format and genre.

I've interviewed guests including Gold and Mega Platinum stars, conversed with callers, and hosted numerous live events and fundraisers.

Have demonstrated an upbeat personality. Informative, entertaining and engaging on the air while pleasant and charismatic with a well-controlled voice and excellent pronunciation.

A very well documented and demonstrated creative imagination on the air and throughout social media. Excellent verbal and written communication and editing skills with the ability to make others feel comfortable and open up on the air. 

Able to maintain composure when faced with difficult situations and personalities.

Have always worked well in a collaborative team environment. 

Contact Johnny at:    Phone: 443-789-4708   
Social Media Management, Community Curator Skills & Achievements

Designed and led a new generation network radio station project and publishing enterprise (Tiki Island Radio & Tiki Island Publishing) from the ground-up, resulting in a one million member reach in 42 countries through social media engagement on various channels (Facebook, Twitter, Istagram, YouTube, etc...) including seven owned remote radio stations throughout the United States and their social media channels. 

Created content that promoted audience interaction, increased audience presence on company sites, mobile apps, social media channels and encouraged audience participation.

Created promotional images that could be used on social media and in emails to promote shows.

Grew advertising sales and audience listener-ship by building engagement and traffic to our websites, social media channels and mobile listening apps.

Represented Tiki Island Radio & Tiki Island Publishing professionally to diverse audiences.

Developed social media marketing strategies for clients in accordance with the client's objectives and budgets through our streaming ad delivery network with Geo-targetable audiences by country code, IP number, DMA or device-type which included: Desktop & Mobile, Facebook Integration, Twitter Integration, A/V Mid Roll Inserts, Ad Replacement Insertion, Multiple Banner Ad Slots, Geo-Fencing, Geo-Restriction, Geo Targeting, iOS and Android Apps, Google Player and Tunein, Player Skin Takeover, and Pre-Roll Audio/Video/Banners.

​Responsible for website analytics backed by ROI and other key analytics to ensure ongoing product iteration, evolution and ongoing development. 
Five O'Clock Somewhere Cruise Commercial
Country Legends At Sea Cruise Commercial
REHEARSAL: Shooting a commercial for The Five O'Clock Cruise with Grammy Nominated Artist Nadirah Shakoor from Jimmy Buffet's Coral Reefer Band.
Country Legends at Sea Cruise Commercial. Audio Produced By: Johnny B.
Good Morning Everybody
Happy Hour
Kentucky Bourbon Radio - Share The Pride

 Computer Software 

Radio station automation software DRS 2006, Radio Playstation Automation, Radio Playstation Creator, SSI / Cirrus Encoder, Edcast Encoder, Recording Software, Ableton Live Lite 4, Audacity, Mixing Software Pro Shop, Graphics Software, Adobe, Photoshop, Paint Shop, Illustrator, Video, Sony Vegas, UStream Video, Microsoft, Word, Office, Libre Office 4.2, Powerpoint, Create Space Publishing, Homestead Intuit Website Editor, Widget Box, Calendar Wiz, Banner, Wordpress, Selz Digital, Big Commerce, Rate Point, Cloud, Dropbox, Firwalls, Avast Antivirus, Teamviewer Remote Access, Pea Zip, McAfee, Acrobat, Smart Defrag, CC Cleaner, Spybot Search and Destroy, I/O Bit Uninstaller, Advance System Care.

 Computer Hardware 

Desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle, Scanner, Printers, Fax, Backup Drives, Backup Power, Surge Protection, CAT5, Ports, Gateways, Routers, WiFi Routers, iRig, Sound Cards, RAM Cards, Graphics Cards, USB Interfaces / Adapters, SD Cards, Web Cams, Firewire interface, Flat Screens, Smart TV.


Behringer Mixing Boards, Behringer Compressors, Netgear Prosafe Port Gigabit Switches, A Multitude of Microphones / Condenser Mics, Dynamic Mics, USB Mics, Stereo Mics, Wireless Mics, Microphone Mounts, Clips, Shock Mounts, Isolation Mounts, Windscreens, Headphone Amps, Headphones, Cables, Cable Adaptors, Cable Connectors, Studio Speakers, Monitors, Amplifiers, Stage Equipment, P.A. Systems. 


You're about to embark on a culinary journey way far south of somewhere north that will leave you wondering if you ever want to go back to reality.... 

This is where the food meets the music with a culinary extravaganza of tropicality. 

Excerpts From: The BackYard Tiki Bar Cookbook

ISBN 978-0-9827161-2-0

By the time happy hour rolls around you’ll be grillin’
and chillin’ in a spectacular island setting and enjoying
dishes like grilled steak with rum butter, sweet ‘n
sour ribs, and grilled sweet sugar shrimp with
Caribbean rice and a tasty potato boat side.

We’re sure you’ll find room for dessert with choices
like cherry cheese squares, chocolate bread pudding,
pina colada cake, or our famous rum cake.

As the sun begins to set on the horizon you toast
the day with a pina colada or black cherry rum punch
before strolling over to the tiki bar and gathering
with a colorful cast of friendly characters that set
the backdrop for an outrageous evening of fun on a
distant shore.

They found themselves shipwrecked at The
Backyard Tiki Bar, and in the process uncovered
the motherload of deliciously easy culinary treasures
from distant shores, as well as a chest full of jokes,
quotes, potato boats and more…

Begin your afternoon with picnics under palm trees
and enjoy stuffed mushrooms, mango salsa
wontons, tropical fruit bites and our Famous

May the spirit of adventure remain alive and well in
your heart forever. Wishing you fair winds and
following seas!

Finding yourself shipwrecked at the backyard tiki
bar with two cookin’ Caribbean ramblers is truly
another tasty day in paradise.


Way far south of somewhere north...... shipwrecked
at the back yard tiki bar with a colorful cast of
cocktails for the crew’s liquid recreation...
ordered up a case of confusion and a skanky
wench... the stumblin’ gecko and his friend, the
drunken parrot Jamaica me crazy with laughter.
There is no closing time at this backyard tiki bar,
however, I may need a tail of the lizard in the
morning before catching a Caribbean breeze back
to reality on the mango mailboat. The lazy
barracuda and Blackbeard’s wench arranged
transportation. I bid farewell to the topless
mermaid, but shall return soon to my shipmates
and good friends at the backyard tiki bar, where
everyone sees the world in tropic vision… coming
to a glass near you soon

Excerpt From:  Trop Crock Cooking

ISBN 978-1475050196  

The no stress express to tropical crock pot cooking on island standard time with rum, romance, trop shops and trop rock music. 

Trop Crock Cooking is the no stress express to cooking on island time. John Buskell (author of The BackYard Tiki Bar) & Kim Denny hadn't seen each other in 30 years. A chance encounter led to a culinary adventure, which "slow cooked" into a romantic journey. From crocktails & cocktails to blender benders, John & Kim put the fun back into slow cooking. They have taken crock pot cooking from a fall and winter event into a year round "Trop Crockin" party. You will be amazed at what you can make, bake, blend, and brew in a crock pot, which they call the "Trop Crock". The book also includes links to the hottest trop shops, and trop rock musicians on the web. You can even order a personalized Trop Crock with your own pics from their website at www.TheBackYardTikiBar.Com. So load up the Trop Crock, turn on some trop rock, surf the trop shops, and have yourself a Trop Crockin good time. Trop Crock Cooking is a one of a kind tropical crockpot cookbook filled with easy, delicious mouth watering recipes. Comes complete with cocktails to cook by, an index of trop rock artist and online radio stations to provide you with the background music for your personal paradise. Also includes a list of online trop shops, excerpts & recipes from the original 'BackYard Tiki Bar Cookbook".This book is your ticket on the no stress express to cooking on standard island time with rum, romance, trop shops, and trop rock music under the stars....way far south of somewhere north.

It was a dark and stormy morning… as I headed over to Kim’s house to work on some experimental recipes in what she dubbed her “Tiki Bar Test Kitchen”. We also planned on doing some grillin’ n chillin’ on her deck, but the weather was uncooperative. We switched gears, went shopping for some new ingredients, as well as some rum, and spent the remainder of the day indoors cooking, and discussing life in general as the trop rock music poured out from her under the kitchen cabinet mounted stereo.

Sometime throughout the course of the day Kim pulled out a crock pot and set it on the counter while she was looking for something way in the back of a bottom cabinet. I figured what the hell, let’s throw something in the crock pot too.

As the day wore on, the rain poured, the onions sizzled, and the rum flowed. I’m not sure if it was our over active imaginations, or an over indulgence in rum, but during a discussion about trop rock music my words came out wrong and I said crock trop, then Kim said trop crock. The idea for a book was born. An abbreviated title for tropical crock pot cooking that matched trop rock, the music we love. Trop Crock cooking with trop rock music. It started taking shape. 

We both agreed it would be really cool to tie in the food we love with the rum and the music we enjoy. Waste not want not is what I say. “So, if your gonna be pouring rum and coconut in the crock pot, you might as well make good use of what’s left in the bottle”. So cocktails to cook by was going to be included. “After all, if it’s gonna be four to six hours of wait time for a meal to cook, you might as well have a few drinks, turn up the music and enjoy the aroma of a delicious meal in the making”.

As the sumptuous aroma in the kitchen kept our taste buds on standby, the music kept playing and our discussion continued. We both agreed that trop rock music has a very large and under served niche audience. The recording artist has been in search of their audience, and the audience in search of their artist. Each trying to connect with the other, intermittently at best across the web on a variety of platforms. We couldn’t always find what we wanted to listen to. What makes it even more challenging to find is that it’s classified under many headings and nicknames. So…. we decided we would include an index of trop rock artists and bands with links to their websites so we could share the music with you. We also discovered Beach Front Radio.Com, 2010 Trop Rock Radio Station Of The Year!! More great music to cook by.
As the months rolled on in Kim’s “tiki bar test kitchen” we found ourselves visiting the “trop shops” on line and found all kinds of tropical goodies, from tropical t-shirts to tropical furniture and everything in between. We decided to share that with you as well in the form of a small listing of “Trop Shops”.

Kim and I also discovered we had a lot in common. So much in fact, that we became “intropicated” with each other and fell in love. There are no words to describe the happiness we have found. We just hope it shines through in our first book together.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The “Trop Crock Cookbook" came into this world in the fall of 2011, and is doing exactly what it’s authors were doing on that dark and stormy day in the fall of 2010, and everyday since then…. Spreading good cheer with delicious food, music, and rum. It’s doing it’s best to help keep you in a tropical state of mind ( if only for a little while). 
Now you can load up the “trop crock”, turn on some trop rock, go online and hit the trop shops, all while your meal is cooking on “island standard time.”

We hope you enjoy the book.

Wishing you fair winds and following seas….. John & Kim.

Excerpts From: Cooking With The Trop Rock Stars

ISBN 978-1466425699 

You are about to embark on a journey of escapism that will leave you
wondering, if you ever want to go back to reality.

Cooking With The Trop Rock Stars is where the food meets the music with a culinary extravaganza of tropicality. For the first time ever, the artist who bring you that “island time state of mind” share their favorite recipes. Prepare your taste buds for a mouthwatering experience that truly captures the essence of the islands,along with cocktails that will make those happy buds stand up and do the hula dance! This is not your ordinary’s a way of life! You are about to embark on a culinary journey way far south of somewhere north that will leave you wondering if you ever want to go back to reality. Welcome to the Trop Rock lifestyle and the party that never ends..... John Buskel and Kim Denny (authors of Trop Crock Cooking) are the romantic culinary couple who share their passion for food, music and entertainment. In This book John and Kim were granted an all access backstage pass with some of the biggest trop rock stars in the business and they bring to you, those recipes and tales of the tropics from the stars themselves... 

Audio by Johnny B. :
Radio Bumpers by Johnny B.
Happy Hour On Tiki Island With Johnny B.
Good Morning Tiki Islanders!!
Radio Telegram For A Tiki Island Radio Fan
Our 11th month on the air. Unscripted.

Live on location interview with singer songwriters Dani Hoy & Chris Sacks. Filmed on Maryland's Eastern Shore by Cajun Pirate Productions / Photography, Lake Charles, Louisiana. Produced by Johnny Owens 2011.

Things have improved quite a bit since those early days.
Some Websites I Have Built: (I've built approximately. 20).
Beachfront Money Magazine
Trop Rock City Music Hall
The RV Telegraph
The Pirate Radio Network
Tiki Island Radio
Broadcast Marketing
Kentucky Bourbon Radio
Graphics Artwork:
Release Boatworks Radio Commercial For The 2019 Miami International Boat Show
Contact Johnny at:    Phone: 443-789-4708 ​
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Audio & Video By: Johnny B
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