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                                                          Geo Specific & Worldwide Advertising & Marketing.

                                  Cost effective solutions for the reduction of client acquisition and retention cost. 
Let us introduce our worldwide family to yours....

The Tiki Island Radio Network "Ad Delivery Network", uses geo-targeting advertising to deliver ads within a specific area or region. Regardless of where the station is, any listener listening to that station within the targeting area, will be served a specific ad for that area only. Our system allows you to limit areas using "Designated Market Areas" (DMAs). We have 210 DMAs, covering the entire continental United States, Hawaii, and parts of Alaska. Each county is assigned to only one DMA within the US. 

Our ad delivery network also allows us to run ads and specify if we want to run in the US only, International only, or both. This gives us great flexibility in delivering proper content to the right listeners. 

Basically......we can fire off a thousand or more "Geo Specific ads" at the same second around the globe......and only the intended “specific area” will hear the ad.....ie; Miami will not hear the Tampa ad, and New York will not hear the Los Angeles ad.....all happening at the same second.

We currently have nine broadcast stations around the globe and continue to add more to fill out the 24/7 LIVE play clock. The music and the advertisements stream 24/7.

  • Albany, NY
  • Hanover, PA
  • Harrison, TN
  • Martinsville, IN
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Nashville, TN

This is what we can do for you:                                                                                                                  

Stream your ads to all desktops * Windows, Mac and Linux

Stream your ads to all major browsers

  •  Internet Explorer
  •  Firefox Safari
  •  Opera
  •  Chrome

Stream your ads to mobile phones and tablets 

  •  iPhone
  •  iPad
  •  Android devices

Insert your ads into Streaming players

  •  Windows Media Player
  •  Adobe Flash
  •  Microsoft Silverlight

Our streaming formats include:

  •  Windows Media Audio
  •  MP3
  •  AAC/AAC+

We also have the following: 

  • LIVE ON AIR broadcast advertisement spots.

  • Pre Recorded broadcast inserts 24/7.

  • “Geo Specific” broadcast inserts.

  • Stream on-demand video

Geo-targetable audiences by country code, IP number, DMA (designated market area) or device-type. 

  •  Desktop & Mobile Audio / Video mid-roll inserts.
  •  Banner ad slots (multiple) that links to advertisers website.
  •  Pre-roll audio that links to advertisers website.
  •  Pre roll video that links to advertisers website.
  •  Pre Roll Banner that links to advertisers website.
  •  Player link buttons that link to advertisers website.
  •  Website advertising on Tiki Island Radio Website.

​Deals & Coupons


  • We can upload a large-sized coupon image or PDF, then create a link to open it in a new browser window. Listeners can then print the coupon. 

  • AFFILIATE/SPONSOR/ADVERTISER LINKS: Similar to digital coupons, place an image or text describing special offers, sales or events - link it to the merchant’swebsite to open in a new browser window. 

  • DIGITAL COUPONS & COUPON CODES:  Enter the text of the coupon code along with its offer, and optionally link it to open a new browser window if you like.

  • QR CODES FOR MOBILE DEVICES:  Route your listeners to a coupon or site by uploading a QR Code image. Listeners can scan with their mobile device and be auto directed to the target site or page. 

  • SPECIAL OFFERS:  Any text, images, flyers or banners describing special offers, contests, and giveaways can be uploaded in our text editor. Be creative, the possibilities are endless!


  • We give our listeners a reason to come back to our player by offering value-incentive coupons and deals right on ourCirrus® Player. We provide loyalty to our listeners by sharingcoupons and special deals that may only be available via ourplayer. This feature is especially useful if an advertiser or sponsor is only offering a certain deal to just our listeners. We can promote these deals or coupons on-air or on our website, then tell listeners they can find the deals bycoming to our player.​


  • We can create a ‘takeover’ skin for our player. More and more stations are uploading a themed skin for an advertiser. This becomesa powerful promotional tool and is useful in really promoting your brand. Player skins can be changed at any time.

  • Sponsorship of the logo placement. Our station’s logo is displayed at the top-left of the player and is always displayed. We can re-create a logo with our sponsors name. Logos can be changed at any time.

  • Radio buttons or content sections. Sponsors can purchase one or more radio buttons (up to 5) and link to another website or open a content section within the player, “This station is sponsored by….etc.”

  • We can Sync our banners with shows or segments. We use a scheduler to schedule banners to run during certain shows or segments,letting listeners know who it’s sponsored by.

  • Pre-rolls for major sponsors. Upload video, audio, or banner pre-rolls for major sponsors. Create a compelling audio or video pre-roll that says “This station is sponsored by….etc.” Banners can also have the same effect in rich-media form. Since this is the first thing listeners see upon launching the player, video pre-rolls are a premium spot, followed by audio pre-rolls, then banner pre-rolls.

  • Sponsorship of mobile apps. We use the station logo within the mobile app as a way to promote a sponsor. We can re-create a logo containing the sponsor name for appearance on the app. Mobile app logos can be changed at any time.​

  • We have 10 custom text links available for mobile app sponsors or advertisers​

The Tiki Island Radio Network Shareable Calendar​

  • Your logo placed on our calendar page.

  • Your upcoming events in our events calendar section​.

RSS Feeds

​We currently have 2 RSS feed buttons available on our desktop player for your RSS feed that we can drive traffic to.

  • News - preferably topic related. Ie; Travel, music, etc...

  • Finance​ - self explanatory.

Social Media Integration across all mobile & desktop devices via

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Instagram

QR Codes

  • We can now use custom QR codes within our apps, and desktop player. If you have a contest you can create a QR code that links to an entry form. We can publish your QR codes on our player, either uploaded to our player's "homepage" or we can create a menu button at the top that links to a content section containing the QR code, publish on flyers, business cards, and any other promotional material.

LIVE Video Stream 

  • We can now stream professional quality video from our Ustream channel directly to our player and across mobile devices. We engage our listeners visually with live streaming video of your talk shows, guest interviews, travel news, live artist performances, and special events.

LIVE On Location Broadcast​

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Tiki Island Radio appreciates your support of our Internet Radio Broadcasting and value you as a Sponsor. The programs listed below have been developed to give you the best choice of sponsorship for the price. Welcome to the Island where we are serving up paradise one song at a time.

Tiki Island Radio Network sponsorship program based on data collected through independant professional broadcast market research including comparables of similar internet radio stations with like characteristics.

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