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Social Media Simulcasting is by far the most interactive and engaging form of multi channel brand awareness on the web. Hands down it can't be beat. The only way you could possibly get any closer to a web visitor or mobile user would be to reach through the screen and hand them a sample of your product.

Social Media Simulcasting defined: Your private label 24/7 "LIVE" web radio station or Tiki Island Radio + Broadcast Host + Social Media Channels + Facebook + Brand + Following = interactive and engaging commentary and sharing across all social media channels.

Social Media Simulcasting can be measured with analytics to determine if you are actually reducing client acquisition cost while increasing brand awareness and converting visitor traffic to revenue. With todays broadcast technology software you will have all the analytics you could possibly want.

Traditional social media speaks at people, not to people, and although every brand out there is doing its best to make it interactive...people are just getting numb from it. The web sphere has turned into a wordlwide trade show with social media hawkers screaming "like this, share that, please repost, look over here, watch this video, comment, click here, etc...." Instead of creating a friendly community with relationships that lead to retention and referrals....the social media hawkers have created something similar to a cable tv network with a million channels and nothing on.

Big Box retailers have been pulling out of Facebook....Why? The expert marketing gurus said "Facebook is a place where people just hang out, socialize and fun." WOW!! What a revelation! So the retailers ran. I don't think anyone hung around long enough to figure out a way to make their product or service more exciting to talk about, but that's ok, because now there is plenty of room for your Social Media Simulcast.

Social Media Simulcasting with your own private label / branded web radio station will simultaneously broadcast and share your social media content (post and replies) in conjunction with your music and content format to engage audiences, build brand awareness, and encourage eWOM (electronic Word of mouth) sharing and promotion while interacting live “on the air” with discussion, commentary, via a radio DJ, broadcast personality, guest host, company spokesperson, etc. It’s affordable with today’s technology and your station is formatted to your specifications, with your social media content, music, etc.

A Real Life Example...... I Launched Tiki island Radio.com almost two years ago. It has been described in reviews as "A virtual Cheers set on Gilligan's Island." The show has garnered attention from around the world including RJ Garris & Associates (they represent the "A List' in Hollywood). RJ Garris himself told me we are on the leading edge of a tiki cultural revolution. Tiki island Radio.com is a refuge from the real world. We hang out and have fun. We share the spirit of Aloha Love and encourage others to go out in the world and lend a hand to lift a heart. We have come together in a real world virtual community. We talk about a lot things including products.....especially rum.....and the broadcast is heard in more than 40 countries everyday! Our listener demographics also happen to match the rum buyers demographics....Imagine that!

Tiki Island Radio has toured extensively. We have hosted and promoted artist and products with live broadcast at venues throughout the United States. These broadcast were heard around the world. Too bad we couldn't find a rum company that wanted to join in on all the fun. 

What we stumbled upon out on the road was amazing....our little radio station with a big heart was being funneled into social media channels around the world, and we still are.

We have reached out to rum companies around the world to try and explain the Social Media Simulcasting concept, as well as the phenomenon that continues to go viral "way far south of somewhere north, on Tiki Island"....we have spoken till we are blue in the face. So I thought I would explain it in "corporate-ese" in the form of a job description that was posted on the web for a "social media manager"....I've switched it to Social Media Simulcast Manager.


The black print is the acual job posting. The red print applies to Tiki Island Radio.

The social media marketing space is playing an increasingly important role in the advertising and promotion of wine and spirit brands. The impact of referral-based recommendations on purchase decisions make social media an ideal channel to reach and engage with wine and spirit consumers. 

Tiki Island Radio has identified the need for a Social Media Simulcast Manager to support your continued expansion in the social media space. Working directly with your assigned brand groups and reporting directly to the digital marketing team, this role is instrumental in initiating, nurturing and maintaining a social connection with consumers interested in your brands. Tiki Island Radio will collaborate with internal personnel and external partners, working to successfully meet or exceed business objectives. In this role, we will also be a key member of the digital marketing department and will work collaboratively with cross-functional teams including brand marketing, public relations, trade marketing, promotions, sales, consumer affairs, strategic insights, legal, and external partners. 

The Tiki Island Radio Social Media Simulcast Manager will own and support the strategic development and execution of all domestic and global (where relevant) social media marketing initiatives. We will manage day-to-day social media activities including, but not limited to, writing editorial calendars, content generation and curation, sourcing and editing photography, campaign development, community outreach, paid social advertising, promotions, performance analysis, ongoing moderation and optimization. Additional efforts tied to social analytics and business metrics/measurements in order to adequately gauge performance, optimize initiatives, and establish best practices will also be key responsibilities of Tiki Island Radio 

Tiki Island Radio has previous social media management experience in the wine, beer, spirits or equivalent/relevant CPG industry. We also have a proven track record of successfully managing social media and online community programs that meet business objectives and target metrics. 


Social Media Marketing Strategy & Execution 

• Develop and implement social media strategy and best practices across various platforms and social communities (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+, etc.) 
Tiki Island Radio does this everyday on our morning show "Tropic Jams For Your Traffic Jams."

• Understands and maintains proper usage of the brand’s voice
Easy enough, our broadcasters are your voice, and you can provide us with your ad copy to broadcast, and insert as drop ins, sweepers etc,. We create them with our voice over talent and promote on your social channels. 

• Develops brand social media playbook(s) clearly articulating brand style, tone and voice
We have the winning playbook and would like to enhance it with your brand.

• Ensures all posts successfully resonate with target audience(s) 
If our posts don't resonate with our listeners, they will let us know. The analytics will indicate that as well. We adjust until we resonate.

• Establishes brand communication and engagement goals 
Just sit back and watch the broadcast magic unfold as we work.

• ***Owns the acquisition of fans and followers on different social channels and drives paid and organic programs to grow our base of engaged fans and followers. 
Your base of potential engaged fans is already on our island and growing larger everyday without your brand. We would like to introduce your brand.

• Generates monthly content calendars for all brand social media channels including imagery and digital asset requirements 
Easily done. We also have a tour schedule calendar we would like to include you in on....it's called "upcoming events" with pics.

• Construct social media briefs for agencies executing development work oversee production and deployment of development initiatives, and analyze reporting to optimize ongoing performance. 
We thrive in a production environment everyday. We know how to collaborate with your team, and we know how to read and interpret analytics.

• Creates content and special campaigns such as contests and online events for the community in order to generate reach and engagement in marketing initiatives. 
Who ever heard of a radio station that didn't have contests?

• Publishes daily posts on social channels and frequently monitors daily conversations. 
This is a redundant description already answered above.

• Listens, participates and reports on online conversations. Facilitates consumer relationships in social media ensuring timely responses to consumer posts and questions (within 4 hours) 

We do this everyday on air "LIVE" with listener call ins combined with relative post and commentary that includes listener commentary....it's what you call engaging and interacting with your audience around the world.

• Escalates issues and flags potential concerns to appropriate personnel based on established crisis management plan. 
We call it "damage control" and we ALWAYS immediately escalate based on the management crisis plan in place.

• Identifies and nurtures key online influencers and creates programs to turn them into ambassadors. 
We are the "Ambassadors of the Aloha Spirit" and so is everyone else on this island. No need for high-pressure tactics here. If it flows it goes....around the world.

• Collaborates with the digital marketing team in order to optimize social media for search marketing (SEO) to leverage organic/paid promotional activities where appropriate. 
Of course we collaborate with your team. If we think you are risking to much capitol, we will certainly let you know you are wasting your money on SEO....and SEO will NOT have to eat up your budget when you employ Social Media Simulcasting. SEO algorithms change daily and simulcasting skirts that challenge by reducing your client acquisition cost. You can measure that with analytics.

• Develops & executes social media advertising campaigns including targeting methodology and ad format guidance. 
Another redundant description answered above.

• Responsible for ongoing performance analysis and optimization of paid media efforts to meet or exceed business objectives. 
We want to see you make money, not waste it on paid campaigns that don't work. We will assume that responsibility.

• As appropriate, attends brand events for social media event activation. 
We LOVE to attend brand events! We have been begging you rum companies to let us share your events LIVE with the world on the spot with a LIVE audience, entertain, engage, interact as it's all happening while broadcasting and posting across as many social media channels as we can.

Represents the company/brands during trade shows, cultural events, exhibitions, and other organized key initiatives where relevant to develop and curate social media content. 
Another redundant description answered above....YES we are road warriors, and you get the redundant answer....We LOVE to attend brand events! We have been begging you rum companies to let us share your events LIVE with the world on the spot with a LIVE audience, entertain, engage, interact as it's all happening while broadcasting and posting across as many social media channels as we can.

Project Management: Yes To All

• Oversees the development and execution of social marketing projects; coordinating and architecting social initiatives. 
• Manages internal and external clients and vendors for social media related projects. 
• Sets and achieves objectives/deadlines and leads teams to successfully meet strategic imperatives. 
Process Development 
• Works to establish organizational/departmental processes and protocols as it pertains to social marketing execution. 
• Administers social marketing initiatives in a “test and learn” culture. 
• Drive social media integration across brand sites and products. 

Analysis & Best Practices: Yes To All

• Works to adequately measure and optimize campaign performance while also establishing benchmarks and recommending improvements as well as best practices. 
• Compiles reviews and communicates monthly qualitative and quantitative reports on social media performance driving actionable insights for future efforts. Identify and analyze issues, patterns and trends in social channels and product performance. 
• Identifies opportunities, trends and features in the social media space. Justifies investments in new social media channels through business metrics (ROI), optimization and testing. 
• Discover brand advocates and recommend strategies for heightened engagement and WOM opportunities 
• Proactively escalates issues, observations, opportunities and insights to internal marketing teams. 
• Communicates best practices and shares lessons learned throughout the organization 
• Monitors social media successes and shortfalls of other relevant brands 
• Follows relevant feeds, blogs, pages, etc. to stay up-to-date on the latest trends 
• Educates the CBI organization on social media trends. 
• Works with internal and external partners to ensure the successful adoption and utilization of corporate analytics systems. 

• Can illustrate prior work that successfully demonstrates: 
• In-depth knowledge and understanding of online community platforms and their respective participants as well as how they can be deployed to meet marketing objectives. 
• Excellent writing and editing skills. 
• Experience creating content in collaboration with multiple stakeholders, such as legal, customer acquisition, marketing and PR teams. 
• Understanding of metrics tools, including Facebook Insights,Radian6, Twitter, YouTube, Google Analytics, etc. 
• Hands-on experience successfully developing and executing social media advertising campaigns 
• Must maintain satisfactory attendance, to include timeliness. 
• This job description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned. 

Our Qualifications: Yes To All

• 7 years of social marketing experience. 
• Digital/social media agency experience specializing in social media management for clients. 
• Experience in the wine, beer, spirits industry. 
• WOMMA (Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association) certification preferred 
• Highly analytical and articulate 
• Relationships with bloggers and influencers. 
• Self-starters and, simultaneously, team players. 
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail. 
• Ability to manage several concurrent activities and thrive in a fast paced entrepreneurial environment. 
• Great presentation and interpersonal skills. 
• Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. 
• Possesses a spirit of intellectual curiosity, creativity, and innovation. 
• Writing samples are included. We have written three books. 

• Ability to travel 
• Able to stand, walk, sit; use hands to finger, handle or feel; reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; stoop, kneel, crouch and hear. 
• Ability to sit for two hour intervals and perform data entry/word processing functions. 
• Able to lift 45 lbs on occasion.

This mock up job description only scratches the surface of Social Media Simulcasting......The proprietary broadcast software platform is the star of the show. The software is capable of doing things that your best social media manager is unaware of....

The technology is on the leading edge of the marketing charts....where leaders win and followers show up too late.

We are only going to take on one client at this time, however this can be duplicated a hundred fold.

Who wants the exclusive?

We also have Resort Broadcast Solutions at the following link: http://www.tikiislandradio.com/Resort-Broadcast.html

If you have questions or would like to talk more about this, I can be reached at: TikiIslandRadio@gmail.com


John Buskell
AKA "Bwanna Johnny B"
Tiki Island Radio.com
Way far south of somewhere north at The Tiki Island Radio Bar & Grille.....

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