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Take a break from the daily grind with a little bit of island time....
Hawaiin Reggae (Jahwaiian), Reggae, Trop Rock, Calypso, and Island Vibes.

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Music and light discussion with topics from the tropics, international living, retirement in paradise, cooking on island time, and much more!!
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Set a course for Tiki Island
Island Mojo Conch Fritters

Here’s my Bahamian style conch fritter recipe with a kick, adding Island Mojo Hot Sauce to the batter.

4 fresh conchs, finely minced
1 small green pepper, finely chopped
1 small red pepper, finely chopped
2 celery stalks, finely chopped
1 onion, finely chopped
1 egg, slightly beaten
1¾ cups all-purpose flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
2 oz. Jimmy Parrish’s Island Mojo Hot Sauce
½ teaspoon salt
dash of pepper
Peanut oil

Combine ground conch with chopped vegetables. Add egg & hot sauce. Mix flour, baking powder, and salt & pepper in separate bowl, then add to conch mixture. Form into balls, fry 3 to 5 minutes until golden brown.

Tip from the Pros: The best dipping sauce for these fritters is simply a combination of mayo, ketchup, and Louisiana or Tabasco sauce.

Ricky Hana Chocolate Chip Cookies

1/2 cup Fleischman’s Margarine (butter is OK) use less for more scone-like
1 egg 
1/4 cup white sugar (or baker’s sugar) (C&H)
1/4 cup golden brown Sugar (C&H)
1-3 tsp pure vanilla extract (optional)
1-1/2 cup wheat-free and gluten-free mix. I use “Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix”
1-1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips (or macadamia nuts)
1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter and sugar together, add egg and vanilla. Add Pamela’s Mix. Throw in chocolate chips, then walnuts. Place scoops of dough using a tablespoon on 2 cookie sheets sprayed with original Pam. No need to flatten the scoops. Cook for 12-15 mins depending on scoop size. Place one big glass of nonfat in the freezer for 5 mins near the end of cooking. Take cookies out of oven. Let cool for only a minute, use a spatula to remove. Leaving on cookie sheet lets them bake too long. Take milk out of freezer. Feast!!!!

Danny Taddei

Hawaiian Po-Boys

Serves 4

4 Boneless Chicken Breasts
Thick Teriyaki Sauce (Kikkoman Teriyaki Baste & Glaze if possible)
4 Po-boy (Hoagie type) rolls
1 small can crushed pineapple
4 slices baby Swiss cheese
Sliced Tomatoes

Marinate Chicken in Teriyaki sauce. Grill chicken until done basting again while
cooking. When done, chop into slices. Place in glass pan or bowl covered in tinfoil
to keep warm.

Slice rolls and cover with tinfoil. Warm in oven while chicken is cooking.

To prepare sandwiches:

Spread Mayonnaise and a small amount of mustard on the Hoagie rolls. Add a
handful of chicken and top with a slice of Swiss cheese. Add a couple of spoonfuls
of crushed pineapple and tomato slices. Serve warm. Delicious with baked beans.

John Friday


12 large fresh mint leaves
1 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp lime juice
1/4 cup  Blanco Tequila
Club soda

Add mint and sugar to glass.
Crush with pestle or back of spoon.
Add lime juice and mix with mint & sugar.
Fill glass with ice. Add tequila.
Fill to top with club soda.
Garnish with a lime slice and a mint sprig and serve.

You can substitute mango tequila and mango-flavored fizzy water as
a variation.

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