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Tiki Island Radio
Welcome to the island...
We're serving up paradise one song at a time.
Take a break from the daily grind with a little bit of island time....
Hawaiin Reggae (Jahwaiian), Reggae, Trop Rock, Calypso, and Island Vibes.

Broadcasting live shows daily

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Music and light discussion with topics from the tropics, international living, retirement in paradise, cooking on island time, and much more!!
Fight the traffic jams with tropic jams!! Monday through Friday 7AM - 9AM EST. and again at 4PM - 6PM EST.
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Serving Up Paradise One Song At A Time
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We have the technology to help you grow your business......and we keep it affordable.

Top of mind awareness is paramount for brand recognition and long term growth in business. Once you have acheived that level
of awareness, advertising becomes a series of gentle reminders.

Tiki Island Radio employs various state of art software technologies to zero in on your targeted audience, so you can build that "top of mind awareness".  It takes a lot of software here on the Island to make it look this easy. It's not rocket science....it's technology.

We back up what we say....the facts are straight forward.

The latest report from  BIA/Kelsey ‘Revises Radio Industry Revenue’ shows their estimates for  2012, expecting increases of 3.5% for Over-the-Air and 15.1% for Online  in 2012. According to S&P Equity Research, overall online ad revenue will increase by about 10% this year, that should push ad revenue to just over $28 billion in 2011. So between the two disparate estimates, we have good reason to be very optimistic about the growth of radio revenue in general.

The industry has also  begun to realize that any loss of base listenership has simply  transitioned to other dayparts and means of listening. Radio is growing, both terrestrially and internet-wise.

And the growth of online ad revenue proves that more listeners are spending more time online, using a variety of means; desktop, home devices, car  radio heads, and of course, the fastest-growing area….mobile devices.  Of course, it also means that they are clicking through and responding  to online ads. If you are not taking the online advertising aspect of streaming serious, it’s time to take a harder look.

Recent studies and reports also show that by 2015, 70% of all mobile ads will be geo-targeted, giving radio stations even more of an edge when it comes to  advertising. The use of geo-targeting is the latest way to serve ads  only in designated areas. By geo-targeting within our Ad  Delivery Network, we deliver ads to only those relative listeners, so  advertisers’ dollars are not wasted on impression ads, which is the  old-school way of doing things. Online and mobile geo-targeting produces better dollar-traction, and also gives a station more credibility.

This is how we do it...

The Tiki Island Radio "Ad Delivery Network", uses  geo-targeting advertising to deliver ads within a specific area or region. Regardless of where the station is, any listener listening to  that station within the targeting area, will be served a specific ad for that area only. Our system allows you to limit areas using "Designated  Market Areas" (DMAs). We have 210 DMAs, covering the entire continental United States, Hawaii, and parts of Alaska. Each county is assigned to only one DMA within the US.

Our ad delivery network  also allows us to run ads and specify if we want to run in the US only, International only, or both. This gives us great flexibility in delivering proper content to the right listeners.

This is what we do for you....

Stream your ads to all desktops * Windows, Mac and Linux

Stream your ads to all major browsers

* Internet Explorer
* Firefox
* Safari
* Opera
* Chrome

Stream your ads to mobile phones and tablets

* iPhone
* iPad
* Android devices

Insert your ads into Streaming players

* Windows Media Player
* Adobe Flash
* Microsoft Silverlight

Our streaming formats include:

* Windows Media Audio
* MP3

We also have the following:

*Stream on-demand video
*Multiple banner ad slots
*Audio pre-rolls
*Video pre-rolls
*Banner pre-rolls

But wait....theres more!!

We also employ the use of an addittional adserver which is a powerful, feature rich, PayPerClick program. Advertisers can register with the adserver and post their text/ banner/catalog PayPerClick(PPC) ads. Our system has support for load balancing across multiple servers which means you never need to worry about performance bottlenecks.

Here's whats included:

*Easy Account Registration
*Account registration bonus.
*Use single-sign-on to access advertiser and publisher account with same username (if single-sign-on is enabled).
*View bonus balance/account balance separately.
*Redeem coupons to receive bonus.
*Create Text/Banner/Catalog Ads
*Create WAP targeted ads.
*Language targetting for ads.
*Quick ad search using ID
*Unlimited keywords for each ad.
*Separate click bid values for each keyword.
*Keyword suggestions.
*Adserver suggested optimal click values for keywords.
*Monthly/daily budget limit for ads.
*Target ads to geographical locations.
*Advanced statistics including CTR.
*Detailed click analysis.
*Advertiser can view geographical click statistics.
*Graphical overall statistics.
*Check/bank payment option for advertisers. Advertisers can make payments in system currency or local currency.
*Easy and secure automated paypal and credit card payment gateway to add funds.
*View fund history.
*Priority email support desk for support and assistance.
*Support for WAP ads.
*System suggested optimized click values for keywords.
*Different click bid value for different keywords
*Geo-targeting for ads.
*Target ads to specific language.
*Default pending status for ads to enable verification.
*Optional feature for keyword verification.
*Non commercial public service text/banner/catalog ads which act as default ads.
*Ad code for search engine/content pages.
*Ad code for WAP pages.
*Ad code for sticky adunits.
*Ad code for inline adunits.
*Title only, title/description and title/description/display url display options for text based adblocks.
*Ad rotation setting for random rotation, click bid based rotation and weightage based rotation. (*NEW*)

*Coupon codes for advertisers.
*Fraudulent,invalid and repeated click tracking.
*Proxy clicks detection.
*Bot click detection.
*Advanced click/profit statistics with CTR ,ECPM.
*Animated graphical statistics.
*Time based statistical information advertisers.
*Supports any currency. Now supports local currency transactions for advertisers.
*Payments using check/bank/paypal.
*Authorize.net payment gateway for credit card processing.

Like we said....

We have the technology to build your brand awareness, and we're looking forward to building lifetime relationships with our advertisers and fellow islanders.

We're friendly, easy going, and oceans away from the day to day. Contact us.

John & Kim